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Also known as Rang, Coat Piece, Court Pees, Coat Pees, Kot Pees, Hokm, Hukam, Chokri, Chakri, Seven Hands

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Rung / Court Piece Rules

Players: 4, in 2 teams of 2.


The Deck and Dealing

Rung uses a standard deck of cards. Cards are dealt in two stages. Five cards are dealt to each player, then the player selected as ‘trump-caller’ chooses the trump suit. The rest of the deck is then dealt to give each player a hand of 13 cards.


Playing tricks follows the standard rules.

There are two scoring options:

Simple: The first team to win 7 tricks wins the round. If they are the trump-caller’s team, they score 1 points. If they are the opposing team, they score 2 points.

Courts: The first team to win 7 tricks wins the round. A team which wins 7 rounds in a row scores a ‘court’.

The winner of the last trick select the trump and lead the next round.


The first team to score a set number of points wins the game. The options are 5, 10, 15 or 20 points.


Double Sir

When a player wins a trick, they do not immediately claim it. Instead won tricks are set aside until one player wins two tricks in a round, at which point they claim all tricks currently set aside.

Hidden Rung

As Double Sir, except the declarer selects one card from their first five cards to be the ‘hidden rung’. Its suit is the trump suit, but the card is not revealed to the other players until the declarer chooses to reveal it at the start of the round? Other circumstances?

In both these variants, there is an additional option - the trump ace can win the pile of unclaimed tricks.


If the trump-caller holds no card higher than a Ten, they might choose to redeal the hand.

Round Robin

Players take turns to lead tricks, rather than the winner of the previous trick leading the next.

Play Rung / Court Piece Online


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