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Court Piece Card Game Rules

Players: 4, as 2 teams



Play Multiplayer Court Piece Online

The Deck and Dealing

Court Piece uses a standard deck of cards. Cards are dealt in two stages. First, five cards are dealt to each player and the player selected as the ‘trump-caller’ chooses the trump suit (eldest hand). Then, the rest of the deck is dealt to give each player a hand of 13 cards.


Playing tricks follows the standard rules.

To win a round, the team must win at least seven tricks of thirteen tricks. A team can also score a ‘court’ - either by winning the first seven tricks in a round (thus winning the round), or by winning 7 rounds in a row. A court is worth additional bonus points.

One member of the losing team becomes the dealer for the next round. If the previous dealer’s team won, the player to the dealer’s right becomes the new dealer. If the dealer’s team loses, but their opponents do not score a court, then the dealer does not change. If their opponents do score a court, the previous dealer’s partner becomes the new dealer.


There are two scoring options:

Simple: If the trump-caller’s team wins the round, they score 1 point and 2 additional points for a court. If the opposing team wins, they score 2 points and similarly 2 additional points for a court.

Courts: Teams only score points for courts. The trump-calling team scores 1 point for a court, while the opposing team scores 3 points for a goon court.


The first team to reach 10 points wins the game. The target score can also be set to 5, 15 or 20 points.



When picking the trump, If the trump-caller has all cards smaller than a ten, then they are given the choice to redeal the cards.

Round Robin

Players take turns to lead tricks.

Ace Doesn’t Win Pile (Double Sir Variation)

Under certain circumstances, winning a trick may not allow the player to win the pile. The options are:

Anyone’s Trump / Be-ranga double sir / Be-ranga double sar / Blind rung

First out of suit card played becomes the trump: In this variation, dealer deals all thirteen cards to everyone and there is no trump caller. Trick taking proceeds as normal without trump until someone cannot follow suit. When someone is unable to follow suit and plays an out of suit card, that card becomes the trump.

Court Piece Strategy

Court Piece, a trick taking card game is played in fixed partnerships, very popular in India and Pakistan. Rung is urdu for color, which refers to the trump suit - any trump card i.e card of the suit beats other suit cards. Sir means trick in urdu and therefore single sir / single sar refers to single tricks while in double sir / double sar one person has to win two consecutive tricks. The dealer deals five cards to everyone first and the player sitting after the dealer (known as the eldest hand or elder hand) gets to call the trump after all cards dealt - trump caller. The players in fixed partnership sit across each other. Dealers team has the disadvantage of not calling the trump while trumpcallers team ofcourse has that advantage.

Trick taking basic rules: In a trick, each player plays a single card. One player is selected to start, then play proceeds clockwise around the table. If possible, players must play a card which is the same suit as the first card played - this is called 'following suit'. If a player cannot follow suit, then they may play any card in their hand. Based on the cards played, one player is declared the winner of the trick, usually for playing the highest value card of the trump suit, or of the suit of the card which started the trick.

After all cards have been dealt, normal trick taking commences. Remember all cards of the suit declared as trump (trump cards) beats any other suit. Whichever team wins seven tricks out of thirteen wins the round, winning all thirteen tricked is referred to as court. If the dealers team achieves this feat, its called a goon court. In single sir, winning first seven consecutive tricks constitutes a court.

After cards dealt, depending on the trump, you have to figure out your strategy for the game whether to play trump first or not. In single sir / single sar winning the first seven tricks constitutes as a court or a goon court, so the strategy is very different than double sir / double sar. Whichever team (dealers team or trumpcallers team) wins seven tricks wins the deal and the opposing team becomes the dealer. In double sir, you have to win two consecutive tricks, so the strategy is totally different as you need to keep another high card to win the pile. Note that the second and the second last trick cannot be won, so you have to be extra careful about that too. This game is played in many variations so you have to be extra careful about the rules.


Would like to discuss new features or variations for Court Piece? Need a custom rule? Have a question? Got a suggestion? Don't see a game you want to play? Please contact us by email, facebook or twitter - we really value your feedback and love hearing from all of you!

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