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Also known as Black Queen, Black Lady, Black Maria

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Hearts Rules

Players: 3 - 6, as 2 or 3 teams or individually




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The Deck and Dealing

Hearts uses a standard deck of cards.

In a 3 player game, each player receives 17 cards and the Two of Diamonds is removed from the deck.

In a 4 player game, each player receives 13 cards. The full deck is used.

In a 5 player game, each player receives 10 cards and the Twos of Diamonds and Spades are removed from the deck.

Passing Cards

In the first round before cards are played, each player selects three cards from their hand to pass face down to the player on their left.

In the second round, each player passes three cards to the player on their right.

In the third round, each player passes to the player opposite them.

In the fourth round, no cards are passed.

This pattern repeats throughout the game.


Whoever holds the Two of Clubs begins by playing it. The other players must follow suit if able. If not, they may play any card except a Heart or the Queen of Spades.

Whoever plays the highest card of the leading suit wins the trick and leads the next trick.

A trick cannot be lead by a Heart until a Heart has been played in another trick, unless the leading player only has Hearts in their hand.


Points are scored based on penalty cards taken in the tricks won by the player. Every Heart is worth 1 point and the Queen of Spades is worth 13 points.

However, if one player takes all the penalty cards, then he has a score of zero for the round and instead all the opponents get a penalty of 26 points added to their scores. This is called ‘shooting the moon’.


The objective of the game is to maintain the lowest score and the game ends when a player reaches 50 points. The target can also be set to 35, 75 or 100. The winner is whoever has the least points when the game ends.



The penalty for winning the Queen of Spades can be set to 13 or 25.


Winning a specific card scores bonus points. This card can be set to the Ten, Jack or Queen of Diamonds. This can also be disabled.

Bonus Effect

This sets the points scored for the bonus points (bonus points are subtracted from the player’s score). The options are “Minus 10” or “Minus 10 floor” (the player’s score does not go below 0 points) .

No Tricks Bonus

A player who wins no tricks in a round scores bonus points (bonus points are subtracted from the player’s score). This can be set to 5 or 10 points. This can also be disabled.

Hearts Penalty

The points scored for winning Hearts cards can be set to:

Shoot the Sun

If a player ‘shoots the sun’, i.e wins all the tricks, he will get double the bonus points of the shoot the moon for that round.

Optional Pass

Players can choose whether to pass cards in each round.

Pass Method

There are many other patterns for passing cards

Lead Hearts

This changes the circumstance under which Hearts cards can be first played.

Turn Based Start

Players take turns to lead the first trick instead of starting with whoever has the smallest clubs.

Wide Open

The first trick can be led with any card. If disabled, the first trick must be led with smallest Clubs.


The full deck is used always and any cards left over after dealing form the kitty. The first player to pick up a penalty card is forced to pick up all of the kitty’s cards as part of that trick. In a 4 player game, each player receives 12 cards and the remaining 4 cards form the kitty.

Must Play Queen

The holder of the Queen of Spades must play it when able.

Play Hearts Online


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